Saturday, June 16, 2012


I have been thinking about cake. Yes, I know that you are thinking of cake now. I was on stumble and i stumbled across a cake with all kinds of colors baked into it. I don't know if you all have seen a cake like this but when you do...just let me know and we will talk. Its interesting to me that the colors stay bright after it comes out of the oven after being baked.

Cake is awesome.

I love cake.

I think that you do too!

Thanks !

What would you do?

What would you do if you didn't have the internet? Would you have the news at your finger tips? Would you use your phone in the same way that you do now? There are people talking about how the internet is going to be a paid service like TV. Where you will buy a package and those are the pages that you get, kinda like with tv-packages where you only get certain channels. I would hate for that to happen, it would cut off the open communication between certain groups of people who use networking sites like google plus and facebook, not that the two even compare to each other, that can be another rant for another time.

The only reason I am talking about this right now is because South Park is on right now. It's the episope where they loose internet and no one knows what to do; so they send the government in to fix it. haha, but then the government tries to reason with it like it's some sort of AI.

I thought that it was funny and im sure that if you are anything like me you see the bigger picture, you understand that it's a really clever show. They can open your mind a little if you let them

Thank you!



An American Classic

An American classic - news week

The Electric Kool-Aid ACID Test - by Tom Wolfe

Does anyone know about this book? I am about to start reading it and before I crack it open it would be nice to have a few opinions. I hear that it's mind blowing. That there are things in it that I can't believe? This is going to be a good book, I can feel it. There is something about a person sharing a book with you. It must have inspired them in some way for them to loan it to me, and trust me with it.

That is how you know that you have a good book in your hand. When someone is trying to push it into your palm. I'll let you know how the reading goes.

I am a little reluctant to start it right now because I am reading a really good book by the man who wrote Pay It Forward called When I found you. It's a pretty intense book.

In the book it starts of with a man and his wife, who are distance to each other. They sleep in separate rooms and neither seem all that happy with their life. The man is a duck hunter and always goes out in the woods in the early morning with his dog. One day while the man Nathan and his dog Maggie were out duck hunting the dog Maggie was acting different. Which made Nathan act different. Nathan follows his dog to a tree with leaves around the trunk, then they found the baby. A little boy.

you are going to have to pick up a copy for yourself it's worth it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Silly Comments

There are those of us who read what ever content that is put in front of us, then there are those of us that just read the headline; scan the words to the very bottom. These people are alright with me, they always favor what I have to say but when it comes to commenting they are low quality. The thing is when you read the article, really read the article, you get more out of it. You get to know the person who composed it. I don't mind having your click and maybe even a kudos but don't leave a silly comment and then come to the conclusion that I am going to respond to you in a complete and full-fulling way. I have nothing to say to someone who doesn't read what I had to say.

Don't get me wrong though, I do like the kudos and the clicks that come my way from your ADD but as I said before don't leave a silly comment that doesn't mean anything. Like for example a "winky-face". There is nothing that I said to any of you that would give you some inside knowledge of what I post, lol.

Content People

What does being a content writer mean? What do you think it means? Well, they are people who sit behind a wall of words that are aimed to make you want something.

I like to think of myself as a persuader, someone who sells themselves so well that they make you want bottled air and maybe even as me to sign it for you.

After reading what I have to say you will be asking me for more content to sink your teeth into. I have enough for everyone, so you don't have to share anything! Lol, I am the best at learning about what I am. I am about claiming who I am and selling my point. It could be my point of view or another.

Time Time Rant Rant

At times the best time to do things are late at night. I like to write and clean. Sometimes I like to do yoga, the energy in the night time is energizing. A lot of planing and list making goes on in my mind at night. I have been told by others that this happens in the morning for them more often than at night. So it might be different but that is how it is for me. Is there something that you would like to add? If so feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

I always see people posting statuses about watching movies late at night, sometimes they say that they are using a certain service like Netflix. Other times I see people posting in the middle of the day, I assume that these are the people that work night shift. I have a friend that likes to watch the same movies over and over again.

My friend bought the movies as a hard copy and continues to watch them years later on what ever external device it's available for. Years later this person as been watching the same 20 movies at home, for 10 years. Most of the time My Friend doesn't even know what is playing at the movie theater.

There are those weekend movie goers who go on dates to the movie theater. These people are normally busy in my mind. I think of those people who pull a nine to five jobs and want to escape some the daily drone.

This is a true rant. Thank you thank you!