Wednesday, August 15, 2012

keep your family

It's good to know that I always have someone who cares about me not everyone has the ability to say that. even though me and my mom are separated for sometime that's no reason for me to not rekindle a relationship which I see the value in. It's hard for me to watch other families argue when they don't realize how wonderful day actually have it I personally think that they should look past the differences and get along but not everyone is that open minded. You should be grateful for your family no matter how much you have or how little you have. if you have family you should cherish those people.

no disrespect

There is never a reason to stop and get in someones face about who they are, all you have to do is ignore them. Don't make them feel terrible for being who they are. That's why there's a block button or ignore button. There's always a friendly please don't involve me in your activities. and again there's always the block button so you think before you open your mouth and disrespect someone else.