Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I Think About my First Novel

I have always wanted to write a book about something that is interesting to me. There are so many things to write about that I always have trouble figuring out what is just right for me. I want the first book that I publish to be amazing. I am starting to realize that it might not be the best but at least it's something. I understand that my writing has improved over time and that I have no experience writing books or novels. I have to start somewhere and I understand now that my first book might not be a bestseller but it is a place to start. I have no problem blogging about what I think but when it comes to something more intensive like a novel. That's where things are going to get tricky for me and my short attention span. If you never try you will never know. That's why I am at least going to try and write a novel and I am going to try and get published. There is no harm in trying and that is what I am going to do. I try and write a little something everyday regardless of what it is. I journal and write articles which are great but books are something that I would like to move onto. I want bigger and better things for myself and I have to start somewhere. I think that with all of the other writers that I have met online I wont have a problem finding anyone to bounce ideas off of. Since I have joined I have many people waiting to review the little things that I have to write regardless of what it is. I love being apart of a community online with it's own little culture. All willing to help and all able to give constructive criticism. My writing right now is not where it should be and I really need to improve. Even if I don't get published I will be satisfied with the fact that I tried to write a novel and that is more than a lot of the people I know have done. I so want to make a difference somehow I just don't know how yet. I like to think of it this way; as long as I am making progress I am happy because it's not about perfection.