Monday, April 8, 2013

Thoughts on Facebook

There is a love & hate relationship that I have with Facebook. I don't think that it's the people on there but that is a part of the reason that I have a little bit of a problem with Facebook. The mood on there is different than other sites like Twitter and Tumblr. The attitude of the people that use the site alone bother me. They can be so ignorant at times and closed minded. I really would like to compare the southern usa with facebook because that's two things that they both have in common. I can post something on twitter and get a good response but then posting the same thing on facebook will get negative feedback. I see everything from family fun time on facebook to let's go party on there. I don't understand why people have to be rude when it doesn't benefit anyone in anyway. So, Facebook has those close minded rude people and twitter has rude open minded people.

Thinking about what I would write about.

While sitting here thinking about what I would write about if I had any ideas at all. I thought this little thought. What if I decide to go out and spend money that I have in the bank on a laptop that I can type everything down in? I should go to the bank and pull out some money for this because I think that I deserve it. Not only that but I think that I could get some more blogging done. I don't get on here everyday and it isn't like I have a bunch of followers here or anything so, I have time to do whatever it is that I want and that means that I can buy a laptop. This is the problem.. I don't know what type of laptop to get. There are so many out there that I would just get the machine with the nicest keyboard. I know that I would surf the web on it and save pictures too. Those are somethings that you probably have to think about when you are choosing a laptop. I wouldn't know.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wasted Time

What really is wasted time? Some people think that if you are not working very hard or doing something productive then you are wasting time. To me to waste time is to do something that has no value. People see value in different things. One person might value a hard days work while another person values a slow paced day with leisure. Do what makes you happy. Always do what makes you happy. Do something to help other people. I think that time helping others is valuable use of your time. I enjoy doing yoga and reading books. I don't think that my sitting still for an hour or two as a waste because I was using my mind in a valuable way. I have heard people say that sleep is for the weak and I will sleep when I am dead. Those two groups of people see wasted time in a different way. 

Girl thoughts

What a girl thinks about when she looks into the mirror varies from day to day. There will be days where she is telling herself to be brave. There will be days where she will tell herself that she must be fearless. The world isn't what it use to be. Ladies everywhere are becoming more self reliant. Independence isn't what makes a lady strong but it does make a statement. It says that there is power within us all. That there is a strong will with in each and every woman out there waiting to some alive.