Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Work Brain!

Sitting and waiting for my brain to work. Not sure what it is that I want to accomplish at the moment. I have this urge to write but there isn't anything in my brain beckoning to be created. Otherwise I will be forced to get up from my lovely creative station and clean something.

As I am having this cup of tea, there are no thoughts I like that are coming to me.

If I could harness the creative power that i have at the most inopportune times I would be the most productive artist that I have ever been.

Wish that was now.

Holding Back Creativity

When you have the time to sit down and write do you take note of all of the thoughts that you had during the day ? Do you compare yourself to other people who you hold to a high creative standard? I do this from time to time. I enjoy comparing myself to other's work and when I sit down to do anything I take note of what I have been thinking during the day as well as the mood that I am in when I take the time to site and chill with a pen and paper. I am not really sure where this is going but I'll still publish it so that I can see what comments get posted