Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What the Eyes See

I have often heard that you see what you want to see, you see who you are in what you are looking at. I feel like this has more to do with art and things that you can interpret. Things like ideas, ideas from other people. When you listen to others speak to you your brain is working very hard to understand where the other person is coming from. You need to help them help you understand what they are trying to say. Sometimes putting yourself in the other person's shoes will help you with the process of understanding. We normally have no idea how the other person feels so all there is for us to do is to listen and process what we are being told. 

Writer's Mood

The mood to write can come at any time. For some it's in the morning when they are laying in bed. For others their best ideas could come in the shower or while they're blow drying their hair. I try and get my ideas down on paper or into a file on my phone. Not every idea I have is a good one but that doesn't stop me from trying to make it work. It's funny because sometimes the ideas I don't think people will be interested in at all are the blogs post that get the most attention.

Blog Writing Skills

How do you think bloggers come up with the ideas that they write about? For one they keep a list of things that interest them or they keep a folder of things that they have thought about but didn't have the time to blog about. Ideas are not hard to come by but a good idea, a interesting idea, that is something to file away. So, don't underestimate the power of saving something in a folder labeled, "My Ideas"

Monday, April 2, 2012

I don't want to wait

I don't want to wait for my phone to charge for me to keep using my phone. I wAnt to be close enough to the power source and it just stay charge through the power that's in the air all WiFi like. I am sure that other people have though of this. I'm not the only one, I will not be the only one. Lol, now you are thinking about it. There is no such thing as an original idea I know but when you think about it it's a great idea. Have you heard of the charging dock that you can sit your phone on and it charges wireless? If not you should take a break from reading and search that wireless charging device. I wAnt one so I can stop tearing up charger's wires. Poor phone ...speaking of needs to be charged lol thanks !!!

I just used Shazam to discover Thief by Afrojack. http://shz.am/t50416610