Saturday, August 11, 2012

Watching T.V.

Who all here likes to watch television? Going to the movies? I like to sit down and watch a good movie. The movie has to be a good one and it must have meaning. Watching a dumb movie where the jokes are tasteless isn't my cup of tea. I like to watch movies with some meaning. Not all the movies in my collection are life changing but I bet that I have a few that you would want to share with friends. Another thought, I have a cat and sometimes I catch him watching tv. I don't know if he is really watching and understanding what is going on but I always think that it is funny when I catch him in the act. I also think that he responds to music but that idea can be another post another time. Back to talking about television. When I do sit down to watch tv I feel like I am missing out on something that that I could be doing around the house. I don't like to watch silly reality tv shows either. I feel like when I watch things like that I kill a bunch of brain cells and the longer that I sit and watch the show that I believe is dumb-ing me down the most lists I make in my head of things that I need to get done.

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Right now

For right now I don't know what to say. There should be ideas falling out of my ears right now but I seem to be having a little trouble. I am going to go and do something to clear my mind and then I will be back with a few ideas. I have faith in myself so I am not worried that those ideas wont come, I know that they will. There has been a lot on my mind lately and it has been distracting me from the task that I should b working on. I know that there are people out there that are just like me. So, I know, I know! I am not the only one who has a little trouble I know.

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