Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wrote Lyrics Titled ; Conflicted - on Writing.Com and what they mean to me.

Conflicted - Writing.Com

I am positive that you fully understand desire and wanting someone to want you as much as you want them. You want the other party to completely return the feelings that you have for them in someway or anyway; needing to know that you are somehow important to them in the way that they are important to you. The mirror in emotion that you yearn so desperately for. I believe that there is always a dark side to pretty much everything as well as a beautiful side. I appreciate both sides and find both sides equally able to inspire me creatively. I know a few people who I network with and talk to online who don't feel this way. They rather stick to being positive and uplifting but I feel that even if you are writing about a darker time or a negative aspect of something it can also get a positive reaction. I am often inspired by the grunge era and am a fan of many 90's alternative musicians.

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