Monday, April 8, 2013

Thinking about what I would write about.

While sitting here thinking about what I would write about if I had any ideas at all. I thought this little thought. What if I decide to go out and spend money that I have in the bank on a laptop that I can type everything down in? I should go to the bank and pull out some money for this because I think that I deserve it. Not only that but I think that I could get some more blogging done. I don't get on here everyday and it isn't like I have a bunch of followers here or anything so, I have time to do whatever it is that I want and that means that I can buy a laptop. This is the problem.. I don't know what type of laptop to get. There are so many out there that I would just get the machine with the nicest keyboard. I know that I would surf the web on it and save pictures too. Those are somethings that you probably have to think about when you are choosing a laptop. I wouldn't know.

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